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Tint2 config file. # Generated by tintwizard (). # For information on manually configuring tint2 see wiki/Configure. # Background definitions. # ID 1. rounded = 7. border_width = 2. background_color = # border_color = #FFFFFF # ID 2. rounded = . # TINT2 CONFIG FILE. background_color = # # if you have an XSETTINGS manager running (like xfsettingsd), tint2 will follow your current theme. 12 Apr tint2 has a configuration file in ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc. A skeleton configuration file with the default settings is created the first time you run tint2. You can then change this file to your liking. Full documentation on how to configure tint2 is found here. You can configure the fonts, colors, looks, location and more.

12 Jul Tint2 sample config file # For information on manually configuring tint2 see http:// # Background definitions # Background 1 : panel rounded = 7 border_width = 1 background_color = # 60 border_color = #FFFFFF 16 # Background 2: normal/iconified tasks. 10 Mar .share. [email protected] [~] $ ls -a nav/.. news · browse · about · login · register · donate. [email protected] [~/groups/panels/tint2] $ ls tint2rc/ | cat. chat/. irssi · weechat. emacs/. colors · config. fms/. mc · ranger. info/. conky · dzen2. misc/. misc. mpd/. ncmpcpp. panels/. bmpanel · lxpanel · pypanel · tint2. shells/. There is already a file called /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2, but it is not a directory. Maybe you meant to edit /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2? If you really need a file called /home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2/tint2rc, move the existing file / home/alessiomtx/.config/tint2 out of the way.

26 Apr in: Linux, Technicalities | 0. Through a few very lucky coincidences I received a Thinkpad xs a few days ago and set it up with Crunchbang which must have been the READ MORE · #!, clock, crunchbang, format, key bindings, keyboard shortcut, openbox, picasa, rawtherapee, , strftime, tint2rc. /etc/xdg/tint2/tint2rc /usr/bin/tint2 /usr/bin/tint2conf /usr/share/applications/tint2conf .desktop /usr/share/doc/tint2/AUTHORS /usr/share/doc/tint2/README /usr/share/ doc/tint2/ /usr/share/doc/tint2/ /usr/share/doc/ tint2/copyright /usr/share/doc/tint2/examples/2rc. This is basically "me going through the (old) tint2 configuration page, and adding things as comments to my tint2rc file", with the default values (if present) from both CrunchBang 11 Waldorf's, and BunsenLabs 8 Hydrogen (RC1)'s, tint2rc files added to it. If you copy it, and save it to a file in your ~/.config/tint2/.


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