David Bennett Massage Locations

Portland Oregon : 1017 SW Morrison, Suite 403
Located downtown in the Fine Arts Building, near the hub of
MAX light rail and Trimet bus lines. Parking is available.


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Email: David@DavidBennettMassage.com

Portland Studio Setting

 -- My studio is a warm, cozy, carpeted room. Foliage from maple trees shades my fourth story windows. A space heater or an overhead fan can warm or cool you. I can also use a heating blanket. I try to make my space inviting and relaxing with art, music, and aromatherapy I use clean sheets and unscented oil or lotion. Lighting is subdued. For your first session, I ask you to complete a form that tells me about your trouble spots as well as your health history. You are welcome to remove all or none of your clothing for the massage. I give you privacy before, during, and after the massage to the extent that feels comfortable to you. I can provide a variety of sounds – melodic, ambient, or quietly rhythmic – or we can conduct the session in silence.

-- When I begin the massage, I encourage you to tell me what works or what areas to avoid, but you are invited to ignore the temptation to converse and to slip into an “experiential” mode, merely letting your mind drift, your body melt, and your sensations take in the massage.

Massage License: OR #7109. 
Member OMTA

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Astoria, Oregon near 16th and Jerome:


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View form my porch in Astoria, Oregon.


I am in Santa Barbara occasionally.

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