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Sample pdb file

COMPND UNNAMED. AUTHOR GENERATED BY OPEN BABEL ATOM 1 N ALA A 1 N. ATOM 2 CA ALA A 1 C. ATOM 3 C ALA A 1 C. ATOM 4 O ALA A 1 O. ATOM 5 HN ALA A 1 . The PDB files provided may include: Protein:DNA. This is file 1dpdb, containing the yeast transcriptional regulator gal4 (a zinc-finger protein) complexed to a 19 base-pair fragment of DNA double helix. This molecule is explored in the tutorial What can you learn about a protein/DNA molecule with RasMol?. PDB is a data directory which contains examples of PDB or "Protein Data Bank" files. PDB is a format used by the Protein Data Bank to record the 3D structure of large molecules of proteins and nucleic acids.

The complete PDB file specification provides for a wealth of information, including authors, literature references, and the method of structure determination. If an atom name has four characters, however, it must start in column 13 even if the element symbol is a single character (for example, see Hydrogen Atoms). . . ATOM 1 N PRO 1 ATOM 2 H2 PRO 1 PDB FILES. This is our local PDB file index. Select the appropriate filename to view the molecule using RasMol (or another molecular viewer). You may need to configure your browser to recognize RasMol as a helper application. For help using RasMol, refer to the online RasMol Manual. For some of the molecules, sample.

A typical PDB file describing a protein consists of hundreds to thousands of lines like the following (taken from a file describing the structure of a synthetic collagen -like peptide): HEADER EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX JAN 1A3I TITLE X- RAY CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC DETERMINATION OF A. Each PDB formatted file includes "SEQRES records" which list the primary sequence of the polymeric molecules present in the entry. This sequence information is also available as a Here is an example from PDB entry 2dgc, which includes a protein chain and a DNA chain: SEQRES 1 B 19 DT DG DG DA DG DA DT DG. Report name: Summary reports use predefined fields related to the report subject ; Service: Download the report as a file or display file in the browser. Example 2 : Display a custom report with primary citation and other column fields in XML format: PDB ID: Example 3: Display a custom report with the following PDBIds.


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