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Ps3 games backups s

18 Mar what for me is for interesting is, is it possible in future that Cobra ODE will work again withouth shit Swipe or what ever. I have all my Games at my home, my girlfriend will kill me if i come with over PS3 Games and PS4 Games. The only way is that i can use my HDD again but the Guys behind xploit. Without your expensive Blu-ray discs your PS3 is useless; but any scratch, spill, or heat damage can ruin your software. Once that happens you have to either buy a new copy or kiss your favorite game goodbye. That's why making backups ps3 games is a good idea. If you're like thousands of PS3 owners you're wondering. 30 Jan To quote from the latest update on , roughly translated: Running backup games on the PS3 OFW without any ODE and IDPS. Step 1. Convert the game; Step 2. EDAT (where TitleID is the name of the game's boot folder, for example NPEB, it contains with the active Bootable.

Forum: PS3 Game Backup - Discussion about backing up your PS3 discs. Find up to date lists of working and non-working games, information on Rogero Manager and much more. Discussion of warez is not allowed. I still didn't purchase a PS3 yet, but I going to. My question is can you backup the PS3 games on some other place like PC or internal hard drive of PS3? If possible can you boot the games from the hard drive? I am asking this because I heard that Bl. No more need for older PS3 running Custom Firmware, or ODE (Optical Drive Emulator), as OFW v been CRACKED! Never say Never, the impossible has been done, this new way of running pirated games on PlayStation 3, is just amazing as when the first USB dongle appeared on v, now the.

I understand that you need to own an older model that can be downgraded and then jailbroken. My question is if jailbreak is the only way to play backups and whether or not is it worth it. Thanks in advance. Update: Got a fat PS3 for like $40 this week. It took me a while to research how to jailbreak and. Muxport v easy way to add psn games into ps3 ofw/cfw backups. On every layout, you can see where the game you are selecting is located, internal hdd, usb or blu ray, along with the full backup folder s path. And navigate to your ps3 backup aka How to backup any game on ps3 hdd, easy. Possible to .


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